Turn to Ward when your vehicle reaches the end of the road

With an estimated average service life of just 10 years, an incredible 4 million vehicles are disposed of in the United Kingdom every single year. Recycling all that metalwork is only the beginning of the story however – in line with the latest EU directives we are now required to extract and recycle over 95% of every single vehicle, which means rubber and plastics, fabrics, cabling and chemical waste all need to be accounted for.

Car Recycling FAQs

Responsible vehicle recycling

Ward Recycling are a registered Vehicle De-Pollution Centre which means you can rely on us to responsibly recycle your vehicle when it reaches the end of it’s useful life. Our 10-step process for the correct disposal of vehicles ensure that you comply with your responsibility with both environmental and vehicle legislation.

We can of course scrap all consummer cars and vans but did you know that Ward has advanced security systems that also enable the controlled destruction of prototype and test vehicles? In fact, we’re proud to claim HM Customs and Excise and MIRA as two of our customers who regularly make use of this service.

Remember: If a vehicle does not have a valid license disc it must be declared SORN (Statuary Off Road Notification) and subsequently removed from the public highway. If the vehicle is to be disposed of it must be taken to a vehicle recyclers and the DVLA notified of it’s destruction. The maximum penalty for making a false declaration by declaring SORN when the vehicle is actually used or kept on a public road is £5000 and two years imprisonment.

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