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A complete, nationwide asbestos collection and disposal service.

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Hazardous waste is anything that is considered to have substantial or potential threats to public health or the environment.

Why choose Ward for your hazardous waste?

Ward is one of the few contractors offering nationwide asbestos collection, disposal and project management services covering all industries and sectors, managing all types of asbestos.

Ward is fully licensed to transport, handle and dispose of a variety of hazardous materials, including all types of asbestos.

We offer the best solutions and guidance for your business, so you save money and get to dispose of your materials safely.

What is the best approach to disposal?

As we offer a one-stop shop, our customers know they can come direct to us for any waste they are unsure of. Nothing is too small, too in-depth or too unusual for Ward to deal with. Our professional approach in assisting customers and our experienced sales team, alongside our on-site chemist and our extensive knowledge, gives us a competitive edge.

With several decades of experience working within the hazardous waste industry, we are able to offer a comprehensive, high-quality package from simple one off collections or deliveries of small quantities to large scale project management and disposal.


Ward Asbestos Removal and Disposal Services offer:

  • Nationwide service
  • Asbestos container hire (including skips, roll on/offs)
  • Asbestos van collections
  • Asbestos disposal into one of our licensed sites
  • Immediate response from a dedicated account manager
  • Asbestos testing (where required)
  • Fully Compliant & Licensed
  • All paperwork required is provided
  • Highly Trained Staff

Ward offers collection or disposal routes for all types of asbestos:

  • Asbestos soils
  • Chrysotile (white asbestos which is regularly used in the roofs, ceilings, walls)
  • Amosite (brown asbestos which was used most frequently in cement sheets and pipe insulation)
  • Crocidolite (blue asbestos which was commonly used to insulate steam engines)

Ward can offer a range of well-maintained sealed asbestos containers, skips and vans which enables Ward to collect and dispose your asbestos waste effectively and offer the best value to clients.

Ward also operate several transfer stations allowing direct delivery of asbestos. With competitive rates and a safe, reliable service, we can help commercial and domestic customers dispose of asbestos using this cost efficient and simple service. 

Managing asbestos

If you are embarking on a demolition or construction project involving this dangerous substance, we can provide the help you need to get rid of it without posing a danger to health. We can manage your project to contain the threat and collect and dispose of the material on your behalf.


Terms and conditions

Only cement-bonded asbestos is acceptable into site and all items must be bagged, or wrapped if larger pieces, so as to prevent any dust release.

  • Fibrous/blue asbestos and brown aib asbestos are not permitted for disposal at our sites although our hazardous waste team can arrange alternative routes.
  • All asbestos bookings for direct tipping must be pre-booked with the hazardous waste team with 24 hours’ notice. Either book on the direct telephone number 0345 337 5050 or by email: [email protected]. Vehicles turning up without a booking may be turned away.
  • All vehicle & personnel must report to the weighbridge on arrival and correct ppe must be worn as per the ward site rules – hard hat, hi vis, safety boots & safety glasses. PPE can be provided if required, for on-site use only.
  • Correctly completed consignment note paperwork must accompany any asbestos deliveries as per the waste regulations. The hazardous waste team can supply consignment notes & labels on request in advance if required for a fee.

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