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Energy and Carbon

Our pledge is to work towards achieving ISO 50001 Energy Management accreditation including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, using 100% renewable energy and increasing our electric vehicle fleet. 

  • All our cars and light commercial vehicles will meet VCA definition of Ultra Low Vehicle Emissions. 
  • Reduce the absolute scope 1 and scope 2 Greenhouse gas emissions (kgCO2e/tones of production) by 50% (using 2019 as a baseline). 
  • All sites to be operation in 100% renewable energy. 
  • 30% of site based mobile plant to be electric. 

For our Energy and Carbon pledges as part of The Ward Way sustainability road map to 2030 we are focusing on several themes:

Energy Procurement and Rationalisation 

We have appointed a dedicated member of staff to oversee energy procurement and management across the business to ensure that we are capturing all the relevant data and are making the most sustainable choices

Behaviour Change 

We will train our employees so that they understand the changes we’re making as a company, why we’re making them and importantly how they can contribute to our Environmental Pledge  

Energy Efficiency 

We are currently in the process of reviewing our entire estate to ensure that all quick wins in terms of energy savings have been addressed

Refurbishment and Building 

The energy hierarchy is considered and reported on wheresoever a new building or building refurbishment is being planned to ensure that energy efficient options are incorporated

Micro Generation

On a site-by-site basis we are undertaking a feasibility study to investigate the decarbonisation potential of installing micro renewables to help us achieve our 2030 carbon reduction target


Electrifying plant

Our aim is for 30% of plant across our business to be electric. This is a considerable and challenging undertaking as most of our plant works intensively and for long operating hours. Identifying plant which can do the job or looking at adjusting our ways of working to accommodate them is one of our biggest challenges 

Electrifying Company cars

All cars and light goods vehicles used for company business will meet the criteria of Ultra Low Emission Vehicle by 2030. The technology isn’t available yet for Ward to electrify our entire heavy goods vehicle fleet, but we are continuously reviewing this




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