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How do I recycle my car?

At Ward, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions about car recycling. If our comprehensive list doesn’t answer your query, please call our professional services team on 0345 337 00 00 or complete our online form.

Can I keep my number plate after my car has been scrapped?

If you wish to retain your plate, you must do so before the car is collected. Once your car is collected, the vehicle along with registration will be destroyed and removed from the DVLA system within 24 hours. The Certificate of Destruction (COD) is then produced and sent to you.

Do I need a logbook to recycle my car?

We can scrap your car without the logbook V5 document. However, it is important that you give the driver photo ID to show that you are the owner. This can be either a passport or driving licence.

Who will buy my scrap car in the East Midlands?

Ward always pay the best cash price for collected vehicles. We guarantee that the vehicle is scrapped and sent for secure shredding at our DVLA approved site. Many companies that pay a cash price for vehicles do not recycle the materials and sell them on. This could mean that the car could end up back on the road without change of ownership. You could get parking tickets in your name from your old vehicle. Or, worse still, the car could be unsafe, dangerous and involved in an accident.

Who are licensed car recyclers in Derbyshire?

Yes, we are licensed by the environmental agency as both a carrier of vehicle waste and disposer.  Always check a the licence of the car recycling company you use. Certain parts of vehicles are hazardous and have to be disposed of safely. Tyres are often dumped by fly tipping. It costs local authorities vast amounts of tax payer’s money every year to clean up illegally disposed waste.

Ward can provide all its licences on demand to help ensure you are complying with all your Duty Of Care obligations.

Do I have to be present on collection when scrapping my car?

No, we can make arrangements for you to leave the keys and documents somewhere. We appreciate that sometimes your vehicle may not be in the same location as you.

We can leave payment with a nominated individual and send the DVLA Certificate of Destruction (COD) if this is preferred.

How quickly can someone collect my scrapped car?

Normally same day! This all depends on how busy our team is. We assure customers collection within 48 hours.

If we cannot meet a collection booking, we’ll call to re-arrange at a time to suit you. Our best advice is to book early.

When are Ward’s phone lines open?

Our offices are open, 7.30am-5.00pm, Monday to Friday and 7.30am-11.30am Saturdays. Call Ward on 0345 337 00 00 with your car recycling enquiries.

Email and web orders are responded to 24 hours a day and collections are offered at a time to suit – even out of working hours!

How long are details kept of recycled cars?

We store current details on processed vehicles for seven years. Should you need copies of Certificates of Destruction, please contact our customer services team on 0345 337 00 00.

How do I get a Certificate of Destruction (COD)?

A Certificate of Destruction (COD), is your receipt that confirms your vehicle will be scrapped in a lawful and environmentally sound manner. We issue them within 24 hours and they are posted to you. A COD ensures that the vehicle is removed from the DVLA system and you will not be contacted again. Your Certificate of Destruction and copies can be sent on demand via email, fax or phone.

We offer a free, friendly service and guarantee no nasty surprises weeks down the line. We also collect at the time the vehicle is booked in.

Do you sell vehicle spare parts?

No, every vehicle collected and processed by us is scrapped.

Can I buy a car from you?

No, we do not sell cars.

All cars are destroyed and fully recycled and will not go back on the road.

Who can recycle my van or lorry in Derbyshire?

Yes, we collect and recycle vans and lorries, as well as cars.

Please make sure to give all the vehicle details when booking the collection and we can arrange the appropriate collection vehicle.

Who recycles cars in Derbyshire and the East Midlands?

Ward collects and recycles cars from all of the Midlands – Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire and Leicestershire.

We offer a free of charge vehicle collection service and we always offer the best scrap value for the car collected.

Who collects scrapped cars at the weekend?

Yes, we appreciate that you may be working during the week. Ward collects at the weekend and late in the evenings during the week, at a time to suit you.

What do I need to do to my car before it’s recycled?

Before your car is collected for recycling, you need to clear all personal contents from your vehicle

The driver collecting the car will need the logbook V5. If you do not have the V5 document then you must provide a form of photo ID, such as a driving licence or passport.

Who removes car shells in the East Midlands?

Based on our free service this is possible but the value of the car may be different. Please contact us for more information.

Can I claim back my car tax on a recycled vehicle?

Yes, you can visit the DVLA website to claim back your car tax here.

When should I notify the DVLA that my car has been scrapped?

All vehicles collected are issued with a Certificate of Destruction within 24 hours. This paperwork removes the vehicle from the DVLA system and fully completes your obligation to correctly declare the vehicle as scrapped.

If you have any queries with the paperwork, please discuss with our car recycling team on 0345 337 00 00 or the vehicle collection driver.

My vehicle is full of scrap metal, is this ok?

There is no problem if the car is full of scrap metal. Please please inform at the time of collection but it will not affect the value of the collected vehicle.

My vehicle is full of rubbish, is this ok?

We can only pay the best price for a complete scrap car – free of rubbish! If the car is full of rubbish, we advise you empty it. If you do wish to dispose of the rubbish with the car, please inform at the time of collection but it may affect the value of the collected vehicle.

What parts can I keep from my scrapped car?

We have no problem if you want to remove parts like wing mirrors or wheel trims. Please tell us the full details of the vehicle at the time of booking. This will enable us to allocate the correct vehicle for collection.

My car has stood for a long time, who can scrap and collect it?

No problem! We have probably removed much worse. Sometimes these kind of collections will take a little longer but as long as one of our car transporters can roll a vehicle on, we can collect. We have never failed to lift a vehicle yet!

I have lost the keys to my car, can I still recycle it?

Not a problem! We will need your permission to gain entry. Our drivers are well trained and equipped to deal with this kind of problem.

Still have questions about car recycling? Then please get in touch via our contact form or call our car recycling team on 0345 337 00 00.