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Disposing of hazardous waste safely

Hazardous waste is harmful to people and the environment, so you need a partner that can remove these substances quickly, efficiently and safely. Ward coordinate a nationwide team of experts, qualified to survey hazardous environments and rapidly put a clear-up plan into action. Common items which fall into the ‘hazardous’ list include asbestos, fridges & freezers, batteries, gas cyclinders & pressure containers; oil; fluorescent tubes; paint plus liquids of any kind.

Our selection of Hazardous Waste Containers are designed to contain these hazards safely. Ward’s large containers are an ideal scheduled waste container for high-volume waste producers.

Which hazardous waste containers are right for my business?

For a full list of hazardous waste, you may want to read the European Waste Catalogue. Alternatively, call our hazardous waste team who already have. Call our Professional Services team on 0345 337 0000 to find out more or email [email protected]