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Secure destruction of private materials and data

Confidential waste includes any personal, business, commercial, private or sensitive information. This covers a wide range of confidential waste including:

  • Employee files
  • VAT and accounting records
  • Payroll
  • Payment details
  • Customer information
  • Sales records
  • Health or equality data

Once this data is no longer required, it is essential that it is securely destroyed to comply with data protection legislation.

The secure choice for your business.

With one of the biggest security threats in modern business being unauthorised use of precious business data, Ward Recycling only use approved staff to process data destruction and stop your confidential waste falling into the wrong hands.

Quite often not handling your confidential waste correctly can be expensive, avoid excessive haulage and landfill taxes by contacting our Professional Services team on 0345 337 0000.

Alternatively, complete our free waste audit and receive a tailor-made quote.

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Confidential waste disposal

Ward Recycling provide UK nationwide services for data destruction, confidential waste disposal, confidential paper shredding, high security shredding, waste recycling, disposal of redundant IT equipment, secure mobile shredding, general and special waste disposal.

Confidential material can also be sent for deep burial at landfill or incineration.

100% of all shredded paper is recycled.

We offer all these services and allow you to choose the most cost effective and secure service to suit your specific needs.

Call our Professional Services team on 0345 337 0000 to find out more.

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