Why is food waste in schools important?

  • Children aren’t getting the essential nutrients need to perform well at school
  • The cost of buying and preparing the food is wasted
  • The energy spent growing, transporting and storing the food is wasted

The cost of not recycling your food waste

When you add the cost of landfill taxes and the continuous rise in haulage costs not handling your food waste properly can be very expensive. Why not contact Ward today to see if we can help reduce those costs, by completing our very quick and easy online waste audit.

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Causes of food waste in schools

  • Lack of choice – often children at the end of the school dinner queue are left with whatever is left
  • Time constraints – these same children could be rushed to finish their meals before the end of lunch time

Solutions to food waste

  • Meals made to order instead of a set menu
  • Allowing children the proper time to eat their meals

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