Possibly the World’s most natural recyclable product

Ward collect all types of waste wood and are particluarly knowledgeable of how to maximise the recyclability of wooden by-prodcuts from the manufacting and building industries. Typical sources of wood includes pallets, general off-cuts, floorboards, end-of-life furniture, chipboard, MDF and packaging.

Clean, solid wood is chipped for use in manufacturing fresh chip board and MDF; while ‘dirty’ wood is processed into sawdust (for landscaping or animal bedding).

The cost of not recycling your waste wood

When you add the cost of landfill taxes and the continuous rise in haulage costs not handling your waste properly can be very expensive. Why not contact Ward today to see if we can help reduce those costs, by completing our very quick and easy online waste audit.

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Other uses for wood waste

  • Absorbent for emergency spillages
  • A base for paths and trailways
  • Specialised landscaping
  • Soil amendment
  • Waste-to-energy fuel

Benefits of wood recycling

  • Minimise costs
  • Benefit from sustainable savings
  • Reduce the overall environmental impact of your business

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