Committed to preserving the environment

As a professional waste disposal company, we have an unwavering commitment to the preservation of the environment. We take a green approach to every aspect of our work, from metal recycling to industrial clearances in Derbyshire, and we help our customers responsibly dispose of their waste. There are many items that fall into the hazardous waste category if they are insufficiently disposed of. Deciphering which items are classed as hazardous can be challenging. It is always beneficial to engage the services of trusted recycling professionals such as ours.

Construction in the UK alone facilitates the use of millions of tonnes of natural resources every year, and this results in a substantial amount of waste being transferred to landfill sites. The associated costs of landfill sites are well documented. Due to the fact that they contaminate local groundwater and soil, they result in the production of methane, which is responsible for much of the detrimental impact on the ozone layer. When waste enters the stage of decomposition, methane is created and the continual production continues to contribute to global warming.

We take every step to help our residential and commercial clients ensure their waste is recycled or put to an alternative beneficial use. Recycling has become an important part of our daily lives, but there is still more that we can do to consciously and effectively reduce the threat to the environment. Our disposal methods are safe, thorough and entirely eco-friendly, handling specialised removal and disposal of hazardous household items such as refrigerators and freezers. Our clients can feel confident that their waste will not make any contribution to contamination. We collaborate with the Environment Agency and we take an ethical approach to the removal of all domestic and commercial hazardous waste.

We maintain communication with our clients and provide a convenient service, working around your schedules and ensuring you incur no disruption to your daily operations. We will make all necessary arrangements for the collection and disposal of your waste, as we enjoy many professional relationships with a varied list of registered environmental organisations. Whenever you need help with skip hire, waste disposal or industrial clearances in Derbyshire, we can assist you with multiple collections or a single service.