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Quick, safe removal of hazardous waste.

Ward’s hazardous waste management service offers up-to-date advice on legislation and provides guidance on the best solutions for dealing with hazardous waste.

Ward manage your hazardous waste safely and efficiently

From handling, storing, transporting and recycling hazardous waste, Ward can provide you with the most efficient, cost effective and safest way to dispose of your materials.

We work closely with the Environment Agency, developing practical solutions to help businesses manage the safe disposal of hazardous waste of all types.

When you add the cost of landfill taxes and the continuous rise in haulage costs not handling your waste properly can be dangerous and expensive. Contact Ward today to see if we can help you safely reduce those costs, by completing our simple online waste audit.

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Our service

Ward is fully licensed to transport, handle and dispose of a wide variety of hazardous materials, also known as “hazmat”. We oversee and complete all of the necessary paperwork showing all of the collection and disposal points for your hazardous material.

We are highly qualified and experienced in handling materials such as:

  • asbestos
  • solvents
  • oils
  • paints and varnishes
  • ozone containing equipment (eg fridges and batteries)
  • aerosols
  • fluorescent lighting tubes

More Hazardous Waste Management:

Our hazardous waste disposal sites are based in the East Midlands but our hazardous waste collection and disposal services are nationwide. Our chemical waste management solutions include:

Contact us for help managing your hazardous waste

For a full list of hazardous waste, you may want to read the European Waste Catalogue. Call our Professional Services team on 0345 337 0000 to find out more about our services or email

Download our hazardous waste guide and stay safe with Ward

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