Keeping Drivers on Track with the Latest Tech

Ward Track pod case study

Vital statistics:

Project: Implementing new Track-POD technology to streamline processes and enhance the customer experience
Client/Sector: Ward’s Transport team
Location: All Ward sites
Contract Start Date: November 2022
Contract Completion Date: Ongoing

In brief…

As a leading recycling and waste specialist, Ward is committed to delivering customer service excellence while consistently striving to streamline operations, reduce costs and increase productivity across the business.

Ward has always had a weather eye on reducing its environmental footprint and improving its corporate responsibilities. As a firm that sees itself on the front foot, adopting innovative technology is a natural step in improving operations to deliver maximum benefit across the business.

Automation for a better service

Previously, Ward relied on paper tickets for driver jobs, which could cause issues with sending and receiving job changes and lead to increased driver downtime. In addition, customers could not monitor driver progress and all documentation needed to be hand-delivered for each job.

To improve efficiency, Ward trialled a proof of delivery app, Track-POD in November 2022 with a view to implementing across its 120+ vehicle fleet. Using mobile phones and data, the transport planning software allows Ward to send customers live information on driver progress while simultaneously providing all the necessary documentation to accompany the load, including the Waste Transfer note and accurate load weights.

Accessing this information in ‘real-time’ via the portal is particularly important for ISO accredited companies in terms of audit and quality, but it also helps to improve the customer service experience with fewer calls made to head office. For Ward’s own reporting and internal auditing, it’s a game-changer.

Trackpod Capture

Streamlining operations

Beyond the customer experience, adopting this innovative new technology has helped to save costs by reducing paper and fuel consumption, which is also better for Ward’s environmental footprint. Digital automation reduces ticket loss and has resulted in improved accuracy, for example, with load weights and driver mileage.

Productivity has also been boosted by better communication, as drivers can now receive their tickets remotely instead of returning to location. In addition, planners can change and distribute work whenever and wherever needed, eliminating errors and driver downtime. This level of transparency means drivers can plan their deliveries accordingly, while customers can be prepared in advance for site deliveries, making for a better working relationship and a more efficient process.

Delivering a strong return on investment

Jason Siddals, Ward’s first driver to trial the app, said: “I believe the Track-POD app will save us so much time and money. We no longer have to travel to and from the transport office to collect tickets to do our job. I find the app user-friendly and customers love this too.

“I am proud to be working for a forward-thinking company that has implemented an approach that will reduce our environmental impact.”

Neil Wardle, Transport Manager at Ward, added: “Ward is always keen to invest in technology and infrastructure that delivers results. Our recent adoption of Track-POD is a great example of that.

“Speed and accuracy are critical to our operations and the new app is already delivering excellent results to benefit both the team and our customers. In addition to reducing our costs, we’re pleased with the impact the app is having on reducing our carbon footprint, too; it’s showing an excellent return on investment across the business.”

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