A decade of metal recycling and supporting the circular economy

Goodmans case study

Ward has been supporting metal fabrication company Goodman Metal Works Ltd with its metal recycling for over a decade. The two family run businesses work in tandem – Ward recycles Goodman’s metals and waste arisings and Goodman manufacturing parts for Ward’s recycling equipment. A partnership approach that has helped both businesses reduce waste, improve recycling and build a mutually beneficial cycle of products that are ‘made to be made again’.

Family run business, Goodman Metal Works Ltd, supplies steel fabrication and stainless steel fabrication services to businesses throughout Europe. With over 50 years experience it specialises in large metal work fabrications up to and over 100 tonnes in sectors including construction, defence, mining, quarrying, recycling, renewable power and subsea and offshore. It is about to embark on a major aluminium recycling plant in the USA and key project for the World Health Organisation, having completed the Angel Wings Sculpture at the entrance to the N1 shopping plaza in London.

Ward has been working with Goodman for more than ten years, providing a range of skips and metal waste recycling support – from eight yard skips to larger roll on off containers – for all different types of metal such as profile plate, turnings and light iron/steel.

Donald Ward, said: “We have built a strong relationship with Goodman’s and the company is a great example of British manufacturing. Our work fits the circular economy model and is of great benefit to the environment.”

Richard Goodman, owner of Goodman Metal Works Ltd, added: “Ward has always been on hand to help with all kinds of recycling from our day to day production waste, waste segregation into various size bins or containers, to dealing with hazardous waste such as asbestos when we refurbished one of our factories.

On the other side, we also supply spare parts for their recycling processes. This has included designing and fitting a new trommel used for their segregation of waste.”

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