WARD Statement – Crompton Road (24/03/21)

”We are aware today [Wednesday 24th March 2021] of a fire at a neighbouring recycling facility on Crompton Road, adjacent to our metal recycling and waste management site at Hallam Fields, Ilkeston. We are very sorry to hear of the severity of the situation and are comforted that no serious injuries have been reported. However, we are able to confirm that this is not related to Ward’s business operations in any way. Our bulk metal recycling and waste management operations continue, while taking precautions to minimise any impact from the facility next to our site.

We want to reassure our colleagues, clients and partners that Donald Ward Ltd, trading as Ward, is committed to the highest standards of quality and safety. The safety of our colleagues and the community is paramount. We understand that local fire crews have been working hard to contain the situation, for which we are very grateful, and that the incident is being investigated by the Environment Agency. We wish all concerned every success in resolving the situation as quickly as possible.”

Donald Ward, Operations Director, Ward