Ward donates fuel to Ukrainian road trip delivering essential supplies

Clare Harby, general manager at WARDrobe, Chris Jones, director at 1538, Ward’s transport manager Min Bawa and Jordon Mills fuelling up for the mission to Ukraine

Multi-award winning, metal and waste recycling specialist, Ward, has partnered with community interest company, 1538, to support a delivery of much needed supplies to war-torn Ukraine.

Based in Ironville, a model village in Derbyshire, 1538 was born from the local Iron Works. It is a community partnership for neighbourhood integration and inclusion. It has organised a mission to deliver to a shipment of vital equipment to the Ukraine, including medical supplies and emergency camps.

Ward is covering the cost of fuel to make the return journey of over 4,000km from Nottingham, donating £1,800 to help them make the journey across Europe to provide much needed aid.

Chris Jones, Director at 1538 said:

“We aim to distribute surplus food and medical supplies to those with difficult and challenging circumstances. We are extremely grateful to Ward for their support. We can’t thank them enough for their donation to cover the cost of fuel to get us where we need to go to deliver essential supplies.” 

Clare Harby, General Manager at WARDrobe, worked with 1538 to develop the partnership through initially working on a textile recycling scheme, adding:

“We’re really pleased to be able to support 1538 to send much needed supplies to the Ukraine. We hope that it can reach people in real need and make a small improvement to such difficult circumstances.”  

Named after the temperature at which pure iron melts, 1538º represents a sense of equality, where a broader community is encouraged, social bridges are built and where those existing on the fringes or in need are brought in as equals. No matter whether it’s an old rusty iron screw, door hinge or critical medical instrument, at 1538º they all become equal in their molten state Through community projects 1538º strives to inspire hope and create a greater connectedness.

Through its textile reuse division WARDrobe, Ward has a number of charity partnerships to facilitate community projects nationwide and throughout Europe.

For more information on Ward’s textile reuse and recycling capabilities, as well as partnership opportunities visit www.ward.com.