Vehicle parts that can be recycled

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It can be difficult to decide what to do with old vehicles, but fortunately a large number of the materials can be recycled. Metals can obviously be scrapped and transformed into cash but you can also recycle many other items. We specialise in scrap metal collection in Nottinghamshire and can provide a complete recycling service to help you minimise the environmental impact of vehicle disposal. Here are some vehicle components that can be recycled.

1) Engine oil

Motor oil never runs out; it simply gets dirty and becomes unusable. With special treatment, it can be filtered, cleaned and reused. This is better for the environment because it prevents the oil contaminating soil and water sources.

2) Oil Filters

These essential components are designed to filter dirt and unwanted substances out of oil when it is used. They need to be changed periodically but can be recycled, so there is no need to throw them away and let them go to landfill.

3) Auto glass

The glass in windscreens is specially coated in plastic to give it strength and make it shatter proof. This means it is slightly harder to recycle than uncoated glass, but it can still be done. Reclaimed glass from windscreens can be used to make other products including fibreglass and bottles.

4) The engine and transmission

Even if the vehicle is not working, these important components can be saved and reused. There is high demand for re-manufactured engines because they are cheaper to purchase.

5) Scrap metal

Vehicles may be made from a wide range of different metals, including the chassis, the rims, and the door handles. Almost all ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be sold as scrap. These materials will then be professionally melted down so the material can be reused.

6) Batteries

Batteries are amongst the most recycled products in the world because of the damage they can cause to the environment. Those in vehicles are no different.

7) Tyres

Traditionally, tyres were amongst the most problematic parts of a vehicle to get rid of. Many people would burn them but this is particularly bad for the environment. Nowadays every old tyre can be recycled by being turned into materials for road surfacing.

8) Water pumps

These components can be almost entirely rebuilt when they break, so they do not need to be thrown away.

9) Starters and alternators

Like pumps, they can also be re-manufactured and reused. These parts are amongst the most costly to replace, creating good demand for older, cheaper ones that have been repaired.

10) Plastics

Like metals, you’ll find various types of plastics in a vehicle, from the dashboard to the bumpers. Many of these can be recycled after they are properly separated. Recycling these parts is very important as they are not biodegradable.

11) Belts and chains

In an engine you will find a belt driving various features like the alternator and compressor for air conditioning systems. Some vehicles also have a timing belt, although this can occasionally be replaced by a chain. Belts require changing periodically, but those that are in good condition can be reused. Timing chains are very durable and can always be reused.

12) Rubber hoses

Like tyres, hoses can also be recycled and used to make other products.

13) Mats and carpeting

Rubber mats are commonly made from recycled materials to start with so recycling them is much better for the environment. Carpeting isn’t biodegradable but can also be recycled to protect the environment.

If you’re looking to get rid of an old car make sure you choose a method that will maximise how much is recycled. You can find reliable services for car disposal and scrap metal collection in Nottinghamshire with us.