Reducing the possibility of identity fraud

Identity fraud is one of those things that we probably feel is never going to happen to us. The truth, however, is that identity fraud is extremely prevalent and results in annual costs that exceed £2 billion. It has become necessary for business owners to fully protect themselves from identity fraud and its potential consequences.

When professional data falls into the wrong hands, it presents a huge security threat, but we can offer effective protection and prevention with our waste management service and commercial waste collection in Nottinghamshire and the surrounding areas. Every organisation has an obligation to responsibly dispose of all sensitive information. When this regulation is not adhered to, you can become liable for prosecution. Our team is highly skilled and experienced, and can ensure that all archived data and information is completely disposed of.

We are specialists in all aspects of waste management and we offer a full range of services, including paper shredding, data destruction, disposal of IT equipment and the secure shredding of high security documents. All confidential material will be incinerated. We take your security seriously and we take every measure to offer you full protection, allowing you to select the particular services that suit your individual needs.

Our extensive range of services also includes scrap metal recycling and hazardous waste disposal, handling potentially dangerous items such as fridge freezers, gas cylinders, pressurised containers and asbestos containing materials. Items such as these need to be efficiently and appropriately disposed of in order to reduce the risk presented.

We enjoy close collaboration with the Environment Agency and we maintain a commitment to responsible disposal. We have developed eco-friendly techniques along with safe and reputable removal of dangerous waste. Our commercial waste collection in Nottinghamshire helps you to protect confidentiality and save money at the same time.