Do you need an office waste management plan?

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The short answer is yes.

In offices and business across the UK, research estimates that the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper in a single year. This is equivalent to 20 standard reams of paper and, incredibly, it is thought that almost 70% of this ends up in the bin!

As well as high grade office paper used in printers and copiers, in your office you are also likely to be creating other piles of paper waste which could be recycled, including mixed paper materials such as leaflets, envelopes, magazines, newspapers and cardboard.

That is a lot of rubbish and only a tiny part of the waste that needs managing within an office environment.

Why should you manage your office waste?

Your business has legal and responsibilities to manage its office waste. Regulations and legislation such as the Landfill Directive Pre-treatment Regulations and the Landfill Tax require waste producers to pre-treat waste before sending it off to landfill (or making sure licensed businesses like Ward do it properly for them).

A good office waste management plan makes business and financial sense too, as it can save you money, contribute to improving profitability and reduce your landfill tax obligations. Recycling and regular waste collection also helps meet your health and safety obligations, reduces required storage space and improves your environmental credentials.

What else can your office recycle?

Paper recycling is just the start when it comes to waste management within offices. There are so many other items that can be recycled or reused elsewhere to prevent them going to landfill.

From printer cartridges, plastic bottles, food and drink cans or bottles and electrical equipment including old monitors, computers and fridges or light fittings, there is a recycling service that can increase your sustainability and reduce your landfill tax bill.

Also, if you have specialist waste to remove including hazardous chemicals, asbestos, confidential materials or electrical equipment, there are certain licences and regulations that must be obtained and adhered to.

What recycling services are available for my office waste?

Whether you need regular daily or weekly collection of general waste, including food and office rubbish or a system for sorting, processing and recycling your paper, or you are looking for secure bins and containers for mixed and streamed waste, Ward offers a range of services to suit your requirements.

Also, if you want to encourage more people to recycle, our single stream recycling service means that all recycling can go into one bin, so no need for sorting – making it even easier to involve your team.

For more information, read WRAP’s advice and guidance on increasing recycling in your office and selecting the right waste management contractor for you.

If you want to review the waste management options for your office, call our dedicated waste management team on 0345 337 00 00 or fill in our free quote for more details of waste removal services in your area.