Demonstrating the Ward Way with Demolition

CopriSystems external shot

In brief

Through our sustainability road map, the Ward Way, we are fully committed to protecting the environment and reversing the damaging effects of climate change. Our ambition is to achieve zero-landfill both for our clients and through our metal recycling and waste management practices and operations.

When we were contracted for a demolition job in Northampton at a former Howdens factory site, our aim was, as always, to recycle as much material as possible. Soon after arriving on site, we noticed a CopriSystems roof structure was in excellent condition, despite being nearly 30 years old and we were keen to salvage it for use at our Chesterfield site.

Teaming up for a sustainable result

The building had been installed by structure specialist CopriSystems 28 years previously but showed little sign of structural wear and tear. After some initial groundwork, we moved the building to our Chesterfield site, reassembling it over a three-day period.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of servicing over the decades, the cover had been subject to extensive damage, particularly during Storm Dennis. Despite efforts to repurpose it for other operations, the damage was too extensive so it was sent through our recycling process.

We worked with CopriSystems to manufacture and fit a new weather-resistant PVC cover. During the consultation process, 36 new bracing bars were added to reduce future wind damage and provide additional measures for air circulation.

An efficient, all-weather solution

The building is now used on a range of recycling projects and provides a large undercover area that allows us to continue with our operations regardless of weather conditions. The building is also retractable, a very useful feature and allows us to move the roof back if we need to operate larger machinery or cranes in the area.

Thanks to its flexibility, we now have a large, covered operational space that can be quickly converted for outdoor use as required. This increased workspace has boosted our efficiency in providing bespoke recycling services to our customers.

A flexible eye on the future

Looking beyond our current operations, the building can also be moved between sites. This means that, as Ward continues to grow, we have the flexibility to move with the business, hopefully providing a unique solution for years to come.

For more information on how Ward can support you with your recycling and demolition requirements, contact 0345 337 0000 and [email protected].