Celebrating 10 Years of Sharewear

WARDrobe, the textile reuse division of Ward, was delighted to join charity partner Sharewear at a special dinner to celebrate the organisation’s 10th anniversary.

Sharewear has community franchises across the country and aims to tackle clothing poverty by providing emergency clothing, shoes and bedding to people experiencing personal difficulties or facing poverty. Ward has supported the charity for several years by providing textile banks for clothing donations and helping to promote various nationwide campaigns.

To celebrate Sharewear’s birthday milestone, Ward sponsored a table where members of team Ward had the chance to meet many of the charity’s incredible volunteers who have worked so tirelessly over the years.

Clare Harby, Head of Textiles and Waste Brokerage at Ward, said: “We were delighted to join Sharewear to celebrate their journey over the past 10 years where they have supported 1000s of people to prevent clothing poverty in the region.

It was heart-warming to see their fantastic volunteers honoured, who each donate their time to giving new homes for clothing to those most in need. Sharewear has a strong ethos in driving recycling of unwanted clothes that may otherwise find their way to landfill – we are proud to work closely with such an amazing charity.”

For more information on Sharewear, visit www.sharewearclothingscheme.org