Working with Armac Group to increase capacity at packaging plant


Vital statistics:

Project:  Removal of metal conveyor system at packaging and distribution depot
Client: Armac Group
Sector(s): Logistics
Material(s): Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Services: Combined demolition, asset removal and material transportation for processing
Location: Nuneaton, UK
Contract Date: April 2020

In brief…

Due to a huge increase in demand for online shopping and parcel delivery which has increased at a greater rate due to the coronavirus pandemic, a nationwide parcel distribution company needed to upgrade its distribution depot. Armac Group worked closely with Ward to complete the demolition, removal and recycling of the conveyor system to make way for new equipment. 

A partnership package

The parcel depot was capable of processing 20,000 parcels per day with its existing conveyor system. Following the outbreak of COVID-19 the business needed to rapidly scale up its production and logistics operations to meet the increased demand from online shopping orders. Following a recommendation from UK leading car manufacturer, Armac Group was appointed to carry out the demolition and removal of the old conveyor system.

As a fellow family business that has a long history of working with Ward, Armac partnered with Ward to remove and recycle the bulk materials.

Express delivery

The client required to project to be fully completed with a very tight deadline. This involved carefully removing the old 350 tonne steel conveyor system which would normally take several weeks to dismantle. In this case the timescale was condensed to seven days. Armac and Ward teams worked in partnership throughout the Bank Holiday weekend and following days to ensure the project was completed on time.

Steely determination 24/7

The teams worked round the clock with three specialist excavators in constant use throughout the week and using number of Ward roll on/off containers. Armac Group worked day and night dismantling, cutting and demolishing the steel conveyor belt. Ward’s specialist drivers exchanged full containers using their wagon and drag service ensuring that there was always an empty container ready for reload.

Socially distanced success 

Throughout the project the depot remained up and running and continuing to process packages, while moving around the site to implement social distancing and following health and safety guidelines.

Armac demolished 350 tonnes of steel and Ward collected over 50 loads for recycling. The project cleared the way to enable installation of an upgraded conveyor system, increasing capacity from 20,000 to 160,000 parcels per day.

Client quote/testimonial:

“It was a fast turnaround demolition and removal project, but we rose to the challenge and it went really well. The client was pleased and its always great working with Ward. It’s easy to get in touch, get things like transport and logistics sorted and have a reliable partner on a job like this.” 

– Adrian McLean, Operations Director at Armac Group

“This was another great project to work on with Armac Group. Interesting, challenging and a real team effort to demolish, remove and recycle over 350 tonnes of steel and other metal arisings in just one week, during a global pandemic. Now that’s impressive.”

– David Ward Jnr, Commercial Director, Ward

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