Site Clearance and Logistics for Faithful and Gould

Ward Recycling were initially invited to the London situated North Pole Depot (NPD) by Faithful+Gould (FG) to view ferrous metal items on site associated with the maintenance of the Eurostar Fleet, that were unsold lots from a prior auction.

Asbestos removal for Bagnall UK/Royal Liverpool Hospital

Whilst enabling works were taking place at the Royal Liverpool Hospital asbestos was located within the subsoils as well as small fragments on the surface of the ground. The site construction was already behind schedule so the discovery of this meant that there were going to be further delays and these would have to be kept to an absolute minimum.

Ward Supporting Communities

We support a local Christian charity and have helped them to create sensory gardens in the local town, to renovate two buildings and reopen them for community use and Ward sponsor their Food Bank.

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