Helping Butler and Willow reduce costs with waste segregation

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Project Summary:

Ward has certainly proved its worth with one Nottinghamshire company which now use its waste management services at sites across the UK.

Over the past three years Ward has built a strong working relationship with Long Eaton based Butler and Willow Ltd which provides workplace interior design, fit-out, refurbishment and storage solutions.

When Ward first offered its services to Butler and Willow in 2014 it was just for one site locally. However the company was so impressed with the calibre of work Ward did that it now relies on the company for all of its waste management needs meaning Ward is now the company’s sole supplier for waste management locally and nationally. Ward has provided services both local and direct to more than 50 projects since then.

Now Ward provides Butler and Willow with skip hire on a national basis. (It also sources waste management partners on behalf of the company for certain areas.) In Leeds, for example, it may source a roll on off container for one of their building projects or several skips for a new project in Luton.

Ward can also provide monthly waste reports for each of the company’s sites if required, the reports can be used to monitor Butler and Willow environmental objectives for waste recovery.

Kevin Deller, National Business Development Manager for Ward, said: “Butler and Willow use Ward Recycling’s service as their preferred waste solutions provider and one-stop-shop for its building projects across the UK from York, Doncaster, Leicester, Luton, Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, Derby, Kettering and many other areas. It is cost effective to use Ward because it reduces valuable time spent trying to find other waste companies to service their projects. They can just come to us and we will find solutions for all their waste management needs in an efficient and timely manner.

“Where possible we are helping them to reduce their costs by introducing waste segregation. Segregating waste streams such as hardcore, plasterboard, wood, metal or cardboard means avoiding paying a higher rate for mixed waste which has to go through a sorting process. This allows Ward to collect and take the waste to designated areas at our Material Recycling Facilities where less processing will be required, savings can then be passed on to Butler & Willow. By implementing a waste segregation program on site Butler & Willow reduce costs and improve their recycling percentage.”

Butler and Willow also makes use of a permanently on-site skip at its main office in Long Eaton. Ward collects the waste from site and maintains the waste management there.

There are several projects across the UK that Ward is currently providing waste solution services for on behalf of Butler & Willow, including one in Melton Mowbray where Ward has supplied 12 yard and 8 yard enclosed skips for general mixed waste at a site which has very limited space.

Ward have also provided waste solutions for several projects for Butler & Willow at Loughborough University where service is key to ensure works can be completed on time with no delays.

Danny Hudson, Head of Site Services & Compliance at Butler and Willow, said: “Ward Recycling has proved to be very competitive from pricing, to meeting the requirements on site. Having a dedicated contact in charge of our account has helped forge a professional relationship that means Ward understand how our business works. Because of this, it can meet our site requirements on each individual project.

“I would highly recommend Ward Recycling to any potential client requiring control of waste management services.”