Handling and disposing of complex waste for Hallam Plastics

handling complex waste with Hallam Plastics

Project Summary:

Disposing of large metal objects in the most efficient way is just one of the many services that Ward provides for a leading plastics firm based in the Midlands.

Hallam Plastics Ltd, based in Langley Mill, Derbyshire, has been using Ward’s services for more than eight years to date.

Hallam Plastics Ltd operates worldwide and is described as ‘the UK’s foremost structural foam injection moulders, with 40 years’ experience of providing creative thermoplastic solutions across a wide range of industrial sectors’.

Ward is contracted to supply all of the waste management for the Derbyshire site, including various skips for metal recovery.

Kevin Deller, National Business Development Manager for Ward, said: “More often than not the company has large industrial metal tools for their daily processes, as well as other special, heavier tools. Once these tools come to the end of their life we collect them from the site in a dedicated container, the metal is then processed for recovery. Once the ferrous or non-ferrous metal tools have been inspected a rebate is paid to Hallam Plastics Ltd, depending on the market value of the metal at the time of collection.”

Ward also provides a scheduled wheelie bin service for Hallam Plastics Ltd, which are emptied once a week. As well as this it handles hazardous waste produced at site including waste paint, oil-soaked booms, electrical waste, and aerosols. It is also able to offer bespoke waste services.

Kevin added: “If we can find an alternative to landfill then we may be able to recycle or reuse the waste that we collect from Hallam Plastics. This would be the same for any rubber that we collected. This is a service that we provide on an ad-hoc basis; we are flexible as a business to meet the needs of the customer.

“We always take the initiative of finding solutions for waste streams to prevent as much as possible from going to landfill.”