Assisting you with site waste management plans

We offer a whole host of services in regards to waste disposal, collection and management, including scrap metal collection, in Derbyshire and beyond.

Since April 2008, it has been the law that all construction projects in England with a value of over £300,000 need to draw up a site waste management plan. In Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, these plans are not a legal requirement, although it is still a good idea to have one in place as a means of saving money. These plans ensure that waste is delivered and disposed of in a safe and controlled manner. They encourage efficiency in the management of materials, which can improve the overall profitability of the project, and reduce unlawful or environmentally unfriendly means of disposing of the waste. Plans will vary widely depending on the overall cost of the construction project.

A SWMP encompasses a number of different factors, including who is responsible for resource management, what types of waste will be generated, and how waste will be managed. The plans apply to all aspects of construction and demolition work, and require planning so that they can be drawn up in a way that fully covers all bases.

When the cost of the project is between £300,000 and £500,000, the principal contractor must confirm that the plan has been monitored and updated on a regular basis. Any changes to the initial plan must also be explained. If the project exceeds £500,000, then the principal contractor must compare the estimated quantities of each waste type with the actual quantities, and must estimate the cost savings achieved by drawing up such a plan. Both companies and individuals can be held liable if these guidelines are not adhered to, with hefty fines and penalties given if the rules are broken.

An SWMP will improve future projects, save time and ensure that you don’t fall foul of any legal requirements. We can draw up full site waste management plans, managing the entire process from initial assessments to updating all relevant data in concerns to the project. Get in touch now to learn more about our services, from waste management to scrap metal collection in Derbyshire and beyond.