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A complete asbestos collection, processing and disposal service.

Ward Recycling are one of the few contractors offering asbestos collection, disposal, project management and collection services in the UK.

We have over 30 years experience of working within the industry and are able to offer a comprehensive, high quality package from a simple one off collections of domestic garage roofs to large scale project management and disposal.

Asbestos collection

Bonded Asbestos can also be delivered directly to site where we operate a fully licenced facility.

Managing asbestos

If you are embarking on a demolition or construction project involving this dangerous substance, we can provide the help you need to get rid of it without posing a danger to health. We can manage your project to contain the threat, and collect and dispose of the material on your behalf. We are fully licensed to work with asbestos and with more than three decades of experience.

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Hazardous waste guide