Coronavirus statement from Ward (Updated: 31/03/2020)

Our latest recycling service, WARDRobe, provides a national collection service from clothing banks at amenity sites and supermarkets in return for cash payment or regular donations to charity.

We buy second hand clothes and pay you directly for the material at an agreed amount per tonne, weighing the bags and providing a receipt so you know exactly how much you have earned.

Contact our waste management team for more information about textile recycling by calling 0345 337 0000 or via our contact form.

The WARDRobe team collect textiles from dedicated clothing banks, bulk up them up into one tonne bags at our dedicated 10,000 sq ft storage and warehouse facility and export the textiles to destinations globally.

Benefits of textile recycling

  • It saves landfill space
  • It reduces greenhouse gases
  • It conserves energy
  • It benefits people in developing countries
  • It’s simple, recycling bins are regularly available at supermarkets and retail parks

Get in touch below to find out more about partnering with Ward or for more information around textile recycling.

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