A second bite at the apple – we recycle 100% of the food waste collected.

Post farm-gate food waste is a huge challenge in the UK, with households, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, schools and hotels all contribute to the problem. Ward helps reduce the environmental impact of food waste by collecting and transferring it to nationwide Anaerobic Digestion facilities that ultimately convert the waste into renewable energy (biogas) and other useful products.

food recycling

Benefits of food recycling

  • Businesses that offer an environmentally friendly approach to food waste could be attractive to new customers that value a sustainable approach
  • Help reduce the amount of food waste that goes to landfill, which currently stands at 500,000 tonnes a year. Mainly produced by pubs, restaurants, schools, hospitals and hotels across the UK.
  • Separating and recycling your food waste helps give you a visual reminder of what is being wasted and where savings could be made

Other complimentary waste management services include:

Food waste solutions to suit your business

Our Professional Services team can tailor a collection package to suit your business or facilities requirements, and can be contacted on 0345 337 0000.

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